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Friday, April 8, 2011

Almost Hear You Sigh

This song, with it's blend of classical guitar touched with a drop of contemporary to give it a modern feel, takes me back all these years later to a dusty, smoky room with faded wood lining the walls, a dimly lit bar with sad men lined around it, perched on their stools and begging for mercy from their half-empty glasses.  There was always one, Ed, who sunk his quarters in night after night, playing this melodic Stones tune, singing out loud to a heartbreak that you'd swear was on the chair next to him, with the way he stared vacantly at it.  I don't think she was ever too far away, certainly not far enough away to ease his haunting. 
Ed and I had a bit of a kinship for a bit.  Two lonely souls who leaned on each other from time to time.  Next time you have another shot of been-done-wrong, think of old Ed and raise a glass to all of those who've come down the line on that same train.

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