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Kymberlie Ingalls is native to the Bay Area in California. She is a pioneer in blogging, having self-published online since 1997. Her style is loose, experimental, and a journey in stream of consciousness. Works include personal essay, prose, short fictional stories, and a memoir in progress. Thank you for taking a moment of your time to visit. Beware of the occasional falling opinions. For editing services: http://www.rainfallpress.com/

Editing Services

Editing Services         Contact: kymberlie@rainfallpress.com

Genres generally accepted: Short stories, contemporary fiction, novels, comedy/satire, memoir. I'm open to most work, let's see if we're a fit.

Please submit a short synopsis of your work for further analysis.
Services are tailored to meet client-specific needs.

Light copy editing services in conjunction with content
      * Punctuation
      * Grammar
      * Spelling

Content editing services
      * Plot and Character development
      * Story arcs
      * Consistency
      * Length / Tightening
      * Authenticity

Submission Policy:
Inquiry is required. Unsolicited submissions will not be accepted.

Hard copy/digital submission/receipt is acceptable, Verbal/Personal consultation available. Google Drive, flash drives or SD cards may be sent as well as email files. 

     3 cents per word - $25/mininum
     $40/hour, verbal consultation, one hour minimum.
     50 cents per mile travel rate for consultations more than 10 miles away from my city
     Negotiable fees for excessive fact-checking, research, etc
     Full length manuscripts - discounted flat rate negotiable - Inquire.